Restore Default N8 Content After Format

Here is the collection of default Nokia N8 stuffs which you might have lost after formatting your phone.

Nokia N8 comes with Pre-loaded songs, Wallpapers, Videos and WEB TV channels which are stored in your HDD and may go on hard or soft format or even when you think of flashing or formating your HDD…
At times when you haven’t backup the stuff can’t be retrieved back.

So here is the collection which you can put back in after you format your phone…

Download N8’s Wallpapers (In case you want only few of them, refer to this post)

(After extraction, store these folders 200159c0 & 10282822 on your E:\Private)
-For other countries’ channels, look for these folders on some of your friends’ phone for getting them back.
Some Widgets are also available as direct download, E! News | CNN | NatGeo
You have to connect your friends’ phone in Mass Storage mode (In case you are not Indian) and extract these folders and replace them with yours.

156 thoughts on “Restore Default N8 Content After Format”

  1. Dear LA,
    I have updated my n8 os to Symbian Anna on yesterday and after that I cannot open OVI Store application. When I browse with my phone’s browser, it automatically try to launch OVI Store application. But, it stucks with the OVI Store welcome screen and showing as loading… I waited for a long and there was no use.. Do you can find any solutions?

    NB: The problem showing since I did a 3 button hard reset.

    1. Problem solved in 3 steps.

      1. Hard Reset
      2. Installed yout QT files
      3. Software Update via phone.

      Everything is just fine. Exept “YouTube Widget”.

      Thanks alot LA. Pls upload YouTube Widget too.


  2. @mukesh Download default games from Ovi Store

    @Arun You are having problems with QT. Download latest QT libraries and then run Ovi Store. YouTube widget is available on Ovi Store! Or update Youtube app for that.

    @Dante Connect your phone in Mass storage mode..there you will see Private folder.

  3. After formating n8 i have lost the default youtube link in vidoes..also the default youtube application which camepreinstalled on N8…how do i get back it..

  4. After formating n8 i have lost the default youtube link in vidoes..also the default youtube application which camepreinstalled on N8…how do i get back it..

  5. Dear Aniket, First I would like to say you thanks for your support dude. :) Solved OVI store loding issue and youtube application with your help. Now I’am facing a new issue since I updated my device FW to Symbian Anna, that is, now I’am not able to play *.dcf files which are preinstalled in n8. It says, “license is missing”. What can I do..? I have downloaded those video files from the above link but, still the problem exists..

  6. after formatting hard disk, i am not able to install some Qt based apps,like Fmobi in My Nokia N8.
    it is showing missing Qt. Where should i download the missing Qt???
    pls help.

  7. @Arun & @Nitin
    Sorry. That issue cant be resolved. *.dcf files are associated with the mobile’s IMEI and aquires license before playing. You might have flashed ur phone with Anna via Phoenix, coz of that may be u are not able to play those files…

    Or if they are still not playing even if you have upgraded to Anna, then Nokia might have revoked the license as they have given some more videos with the update!

    Connect to Mass Storage and then copy paste.
    And next time ask in English Please

      1. Default theme with default N8 icons would be much appreciated as I can’t find it anywhere :(
        My girlfriend doesn’t like Anna icons, my fault for downloading new software and a big headache…

        1. Well I found it :D
          I downloaded your Nokia theme Purple “For Symbian^1 or S60v5 Phones (Like N97, X6, 5800, C6 etc.): Default Icons | N8 Icons”, with N8 Icons and it works on Anna and it has old N8 icons :D win win for me.
          THANK YOU!!!
          THANK YOU!!!
          THANK YOU!!!
          p.s. I hope she will like the color of theme :)

  8. plz help/………….i had a anna update on my nokia c7……….but after that the web and wifi has stop working………..wifi finds a network but says connection failed….same with my mobile internet…?????

    1. hi same thing happn wit me i formatted my n8 after dat i restored it nw cnt open web n wifi . wat u did . can u open it witout re formattin . if yes den pls let me knw m eagerly waiting fo it . thank u

  9. hi dear u told na license get from friends i copied the entire mass storage which file is my nokia n8 videos license pls help me out

  10. I cannot send a file to another mobile through bluetooth but i was able to receive files. This problem occurred after updating to anna. Also my nokia n8 modem was not detected. Please help.

  11. Dear logonaniket….u r doing a v good job..welldone..
    Can i get default N8 games?and default theme with default icon?plz help me…and plz send the link..

  12. Hi Aniket,
    Well done. Good job starting and maintaining this blog…

    @ Mudassir: Which games do you want? Can you name them?
    I think Need for Speed And Galaxy on Fire are the 2 default games. You can easily find them around the internet… Just google around a bit, and reply here…

    1. Image Editor and Video editor are not available separately. They come with the firmware itself. You can go to Nokia Care Center for this and ask them to reflash the fw.

  13. i flashed twice but these apps are not availble the warranty of my nokia 701 is over the need money for refleshing plzz help Aniket bro

          1. LA plzzz add nokia 701 themes plzzz i m board off the old theme and it has only one theme in the mobile plzzz upload some nokia 701 themes

  14. Dear Logon “Aniket” :) ,
    I Recently Did Hard Reset On My Nokia N8 Which Comes With Belle, I Have Lost ” India Today, Natgeo, Vlingo ” Apps And ” Nfs Shift, Galaxy On Fire, Real Golf 2011 ” Games :/ !!

    I Searched For Belle Pre-Loaded Apps And Games But I Did Not Found Anything… Then I Saw Your Blog :D
    Hey Dear – Can U Tell Me The Total Procedure, That How I Install All This Things On My Belle N8. And I Want To Know That, If I Use Your Stuffs (Thanks In Advance) Which You Gave Here For Us (Kya Mujhe Apna N8 Hack Karna Parega? Kya Warrenty Par Iska Koi Aasar Parega?)
    Thanks A Lot. Have A Nice Day :)

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