Nokia theme White & Black ~ S^1

Hey guys, First of all I am sorry for the delay in releasing Symbian^1 themes :P But the wait is over, and here are 2 amazing variants of Nokia theme Series, the most popular White & the Black versions.

These themes give a great feel and freshness in daylight and the evening. I would suggest you to use White version in daylight and Dark in Night. :)

The themes have taken time and have been designed keeping every single element in my mind. Still, I will appreciate if you report any bug you find in these themes with a proper screenshot. I will rectify that bug as soon as possible. And yeah, you can always write me on

Hope you enjoy the themes.

P.S. Those who have questions in their mind regarding release of other variants like Brown, Bronze & Green, I would like to tell that I am working on S^3 and S^1 simultaneously and will keep theming for both the platforms. I have already started my work on other variants and you can expect them a week or two. :)

Download this theme (ZIP)

83 thoughts on “Nokia theme White & Black ~ S^1”

  1. I tried Nokia theme white and black and i love them, do you want to make them ( to be specific Nokia theme White ) transparent like “Nokia theme Orange & Dark ~ Transparent”? I tried Nokia theme Orange and dark transparent too and love them too.
    Thank you for the Themes.

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