N97 Themes Redefined for S^3

What an N-Series device it is without N-Series themes?
Nokia flagship device N8 despite being the last NSeries Symbian phone didn’t have some awesome NSeries themes which we used to see before. So I thought of redesigning all those N97 themes and made them compatible for S^3 devices like N8, C7, C6-01 etc.

Themes have been designed from old NSeries themes so I give credit to Nokia for bringing out some awesome themes :)

- Pack includes 5 themes viz Nseries 1, 2 & 3 from N97 Classic AND Nseries 4 & 5 from N97mini.
- Themes are perfectly blended to the core and includes new message editor, new nokia messaging and few other bugs fixed.
- All themes have new S^3 style ANALOG clock with each theme having separate variant.
- Pack includes AIO (All in One) sis file which makes you install all the 5 themes in one go.

Download Theme Package (Archive contains all the 5 themes)

If you want all the themes in your phone then do check AIO (All in One) sis file :)

24 thoughts on “N97 Themes Redefined for S^3”

  1. Thank you once again for the wonderful work…

    Dude I wanted to edit S^3 Themes… Can u share the links for tutorials and the software you use. I basically wanted to add the default S^3 icons to Midnight Silver theme (Its my fave theme). Requesting your guidance bro…

  2. LA have now got the Nokia E7 all default midnight thems in sis? Or even the Nokia C6-01? I really want the Smoky blue :(

  3. Can u pls change background color of mseries 2 to the grey at the bottom of screen and put blue rings around date time and profile you rock

  4. hi aniket.. first of all happy new year……i love your themes. i think you are now busy with all the symbian 3 lovers not s60v5… make some theme for s60v5 device .waiting for your upload. i have now your orange theme installed on my nokia 5235..have to say its really very very nice.

  5. Dear Author,

    I noticed that the background colour for Nseries 2 LA is slightly greyish as compared to the current Nseries 2 which is actually dark black.

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