All default themes from S^3 Phones

Here is the post which was in demand since long time. I have been getting mails demanding animated themes in C7 & E7 which are there on N8. But never been able to sit and compile all with all those animated configurations.

I have compiled all themes in one ZIP file per device which has default themes & Midnight themes package. I have NOT included themes which are already available on N8 package. So, only those themes which are unique in every mobile have been included. If you own any of the one device in the picture, you can still use other Symbian^3 themes which comes with other S^3 handsets and is not available on your phone.

Here are the themes available in all 4 Symbian^3 phones released so far (Phone-wise):

Nokia N8 – Download (7MB)

Nokia theme Series

  • Nokia theme Black
  • Nokia theme Blue (Animated)
  • Nokia theme Dark (Animated)
  • Nokia theme Green (Animated)
  • Nokia theme Orange (Animated)

Midnight Series

  • Midnight Aqua
  • Midnight Copper
  • Midnight Lime
  • Midnight Silver


Nokia C7 – Download (3MB)

Nokia theme Series

  • Nokia theme Brown

Midnight Series

  • Midnight Bronze
  • Midnight Silver 2


Nokia C6-01 – Download (1.34MB)

Nokia theme Series

  • Nokia theme Bronze

Midnight Series

  • Midnight Smoky Blue


Nokia E7 – Download (4.10MB)

Midnight Series

  • Midnight Blue
  • Midnight Copper 2
  • Midnight Silver 3



* All themes have been designed by Nokia and I have just compiled and published.

** These themes are only for Symbian^3 Phones. Please don’t even try on S60v5 or other.

85 thoughts on “All default themes from S^3 Phones”

  1. Hi mate,
    Thanks for putting the original themes of N8!
    I did the phone update yesterday, and the original themes were all lost after the update was finished, and the new ones I just did not like.
    I downloaded your themes and installed the Orange one. All seems fine except one thing – it is not animated any more. Any chance you can help me out?
    Many thanks in advance,

  2. There HAS to be a way to get the icons back, ALL the icons back, without having to revert the entire phone back to PR1.2. I can’t stand looking at the “black and white everything” in the submenus of Anna. These packs solve some of the graphics, but none of the icons and submenu restoration. Someone please help!!!!

  3. Hi Aniket,
    I am very glad to see that all the original themes of nokia phone i need,i get it from here.Thanks a lot.But i din’t like that Symbian anna’s Sucks,I am requesting you to upload nokia original themes with previous icons.that means the icons before Symbian anna update.i just love those icons.plzzzz

  4. Yes yes 1000 times yes, please make the standard Nokia black theme with the full original icon set for the entire phone! Normal and submenu icons complete! Every user who’s upgraded to Anna wants them back!

  5. Aniket,Whatever u have uploaded the default original theme,when we install we didn’t get back the previous icons.its remains the Symbian anna icons.plz next time upload all the default S^3 themes,with all previous icons sets..we are waiting….

  6. Nokia had some optional “midnight” themes earlier. They become part of the Anna, but old ones still remain available for selection with duplicates names when you install Anna. Of course if you had them earlier. These older theme versions fix ugly icons on the front screen and at least in some places inside menus.

  7. iam still waiting from a long time for nokia theme blue & midnight series with e7 icons for s60v5 . please publish any theme for s60v5.
    i hope you publish a themes as soon as possible. why you make a lot of themes for symbian3 and not for s60v5. pleeeeeeeeeaaaaazzzzzzz. just now i waiting for update s60v5 themes.

  8. thanx fot the theme pack for the n8,almost lost hope to get back on my phone the midnight aqua theme after the update to anna,i missed the aqua theme,i can enjoy my fav theme again.Great job.Keep it up!

  9. Can anyone post the download link of Nokia E63 built-in themes (original themes in device). namely Ultramarine Dark, Ultramarine Light, Ruby Dark, and Ruby Light..

    Thanks in Advance !!!

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